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Hello! First time poster.

I haven't used Livejournal much, so I'm sorry if I make a mistake. I don't know much about this. (I'm attempting an LJ cut! *Hopes it works*)
Anyways! A bit of background information. I'm Canadian, and My Boyfriend is English. We've been together about a year(he's only displaying odd behavior now... Never has before). We go back and forth, and our parents have met. We had a fight not too long ago, as he thinks any shirt that shows even the top part of cleavage is slutty(Basically, anything that isn't a round necked shirt, and there's no way I could wear a bathing suit...), and gets angry when I wear something like that. He'll pull up a shirt if he finds it too low, or generally freaks out (I'm just finding out now how controlling he is. He can do whatever he wants, talk to whomever he wants, and yet if I speak to a guy, he gets jealous). Anyways. He loves his football, and lives in a town 40 minutes away from London (easily accessible from his hometown by train). He informed me I'd 'stay home' on my holiday there this year while he went to his games... And freaked when I mentioned going to London by myself. So, no low cut shirts for me, and no going anywhere without him. Hmm. He also seems to think everything has to do with "Girl power" and "feminism". Sighh. Why did he show NO signs of his psychotic ways until just recently???

Boyfriend: You will have to stay at home though for the Premiership games though.
Boyfriend: Or if its a big away game I have to attend
Me: ahh
Me: I could go to london for the day
Boyfriend: all by yourself? :|
Me: why not? :S
Boyfriend: :S i dont think so
Boyfriend: I dont want you going into London by yourself,im surprised you even said that.
Me: :S I've gone loads of places by myself before
Boyfriend: ...
Me: I'm sorry. Its not a big deal
Boyfriend: What did you mean by that? Its no place for you to be out alone in.
Me: :S why not?
Boyfriend: fine
Me: You don't want me going places alone?
Boyfriend: Into London....all by yourself....
Me: loads of people do it :S
Me: its a tourist city
Boyfriend: Its not safe for you to go alone, you'd be an easy target.
Boyfriend: But that doesnt seem to worry you
Boyfriend: Odd. Just want to go alone.
Me: An easy target :S
Me: for what?
Boyfriend: Young attractive foreign girl all by herself in London.
Boyfriend: Real smart.
Me: Loads of people do it
Boyfriend: Most people arent stupid enough to do it alone, no.
Me: a lot of people do it alone
Boyfriend: Go ahead then
Me: I'm a fairly independant person :S
Me: I refuse to sit around the house bored. If I want to go out, I'll go out. Its what I do, have always done, and have never been 'told' what I can or can't do.
Boyfriend: Its about me caring over your fucking safety. But no, put some other spin on it.
Boyfriend: Im sorry for caring about your safety. I wont bother in future.
Boyfriend: Do whatever you like, you will anyway.
Boyfriend: I cringe anytime a girl goes on about independance, when it has nothing to do with that at all.
Boyfriend: Makes me sick. Girl power. Feminist crap.
Me: If I was a guy, going on about about independance, it'd be the same thing, and you wouldn't be freaking out.
Boyfriend: fine, turn this into a sex war.
Me: You're the one doing it!
Me: I have NEVER said anything about girl power
Boyfriend: You had to go on about independance because of me caring for you. Anyone can see its a bloody stupid idea and no place for a young woman alone. But you spin it into me controlling you. 8-)
Me: pretty sure vancouver is more 'ghetto' than London...
Boyfriend: Dont need no man. Just strut off into London, Miss Independant
Me: there you go again with your girl power crap!
Me: I'm not about girl power, never have been, but I'm sure I'm capable enough to travel somewhere by myself
Boyfriend: Fucking do it, do the whole trip by yourself. Stay in a hotel and dont even bother with me.
Boyfriend: God, I hate you constantly doing this to me.
Me: I hate it when you insult me, talking about girl power, and miss independant
Me: it has nothing to do with that, and you still say it
Me: and you know I hate it
Me: ANYONE could go ANYWHERE by themselves
Me: male or female
Me: people walk to work alone, etc
Me: it has NOTHING to do with any sort of 'power'
Boyfriend: Want to miss the entire point anymore?
Me: why must EVERYTHING be 'girl power' to you
Me: when its not
Boyfriend: *sigh*
Boyfriend: I'm sorry for caring. I really am.

I don't know why he's like this... I just want him to be normal like before. =S What do I do?
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