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Okay, so here's my story:

A coupe of months ago, while I was interstate I fooled around a bit with a bisexual male friend of mine. Sexually it wasn't great, but beign someone who has had pretty bad luck with guys, it was just nice to have someone to play with. Unfortunately there were a few issues involved. You see he had somethign going with a boy at the same time, and that boy had a boyfriend who was a crazy bastard. So my poor friend was a little teensy bit stressed. And having to deal with the sudden development in OUR friendship was a little too much for him. So he said we should jsut go back to being friends.

BUT I find him very sttractive and while we would be hopeless as a couple on a permanent basis, I would still liek to have some kind of casual thing with him. I was totally flattered that he was interested in me int eh first place and the possiblity that he isn't anymore is kind of hard on my self-confidence. Also, as I said, it is nice to have a guy to cuddle up with with no strings attatched.

The thing is i can't pluck up the courage to just ask him, point blank 'do you still find me attractive and do you want to sleep with me?'. He lives in a different city to me, so I don't see him all that often and when I do I don't want to spoil the time we have together as friends (which is fun, even without the sex element) by confronting him with something like that. But if I am really attracted to him and I just want to find out what he thinks and what exactly motivated him to call a halt to what we were doing.

I hate how difficult it is to communicate with men.
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