domino_girl (domino_girl) wrote in b0ysarelame,

This is relevant to all of us!

Today, in between sleeping and whatnot, i had a quick read of my sister's book

"he's just not that into you"

I think that i am going to make a list of what I want from a boy. Stick it up in my room and NOT COMPROMISE

1. I think i deserve at the very least a text message every 4-5 days.
2. If we see eachother, i want it to be at a time when is convenient for me too- like, if i ask about maybe going out on the following sunday, i'd like a reply. not to be called at X am and being asked to go out at that very moment.
3. I am not a booty call.
4. I don't want there to be other girls on the scene. For him at least- but i won't be hypocritical, I can also stop having other girls on the scene. Honestly, if you want to get into my pants, it just takes a little effort. Nobody ever died from monogamy.
5. I want a boy who wants me sexually.
6. I want a boy who won't pressure me sexually.
7. I want someone who will be my friend, in the fact that we can chat and be stupid.
8. If a guy makes me feel like shit he's outta there.

What else do I need?
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